Web Teams

Today a well planned website program should consist of;

For almost every business Web-scape has worked with since 1995 putting a team like this together creates many problems and questions;

Introducing Web Teams

Now we can bring you the services of highly qualified individuals in all of these areas starting at only $349 (CDN) per month and a "use only what you need" approach. Individuals that Web-scape has worked with for many years so you can be assured of the quality and integrity of the work.

So what does a Web Teams plan get you and how does this work?

The beauty of the Web Teams concept is it's flexibility and efficiency. One month your company may require several updates to the website but the next, none... however a small Flash sales presentation is required. The Web Teams concept handles this perfectly allowing you to use, and pay for, only the work that is needed, when it is needed. What if you require no work one month? The Web Team always has work that should be done. Improving you Search Engine placement and positioning in an ongoing project, new keyword rich content to be added, inbound links from relevant sites need to be found and arranged. With a successful Internet business website there is ALWAYS work to be done or you will not be successful for long.

Service Descriptions

Website Manager

Search Engine Optimization Expert

Pay Per Click Professional

Website Design & Development

Web Based Multimedia Development