Multimedia & Video


Video is getting bigger and bigger on the web and, believe it or not, web-scape has been doing Internet video since the late 1990s. We encoded, hosted and streamed early video shows such as;

We were a very "early adpoter" company and did work with video technology companies such as RealNetworks (Real Media) out of Seattle and Xing Technology Corporation from California (later acquired by RealNetworks). Today the standard for video on websites is Flash in "FLV" format. Most video streams you watch, including YouTube and Google Video use this format.


Flash websites look great but are appropriate for only a few types of business. Typically sites that would be categorized as online brochures are best served by 100% Flash based technology. At web-scape we don't recommend building your website using only Flash. 100% Flash websites can be expensive to create and expensive to update. We like Flash and use it all the time but only as a part of the website, not as the website itself. In fact Flash components are pretty well a standard in a great many modern websites and most video that is displayed is being generated using Flash technology.


This is usually delivered as an MP3 but a Flash player is used as the actual player interface.